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Let's start with the basics — BOUDOIR.

If you look up boudoir in the dictionary you will you that it means a women bedroom or private room. Urban dictionary on the other hand says its: An intimate photo of a man or women, suggestively covered but not fully nude, meant to tease the senses. Like any other word boudoir can mean whatever you make of it. Now if you ask me ill tell you its a passion of mine, its making women feel organically sexy, and empowered in their own skin.

My hopes are that when you leave your session with me you are glammed up and feeling like a million bucks (as you should always be) I truly strive to make my clients feel comfortable, beautiful, empowered and most importantly sexy. All feelings women should feel all the time #GirlPower  Wether you are a size 00 to size 20 - every body is beautiful and should be appreciated, cherished, and remembered. Life is way too short not too! 

packages start at $400

There are so many questions you could ask when it comes to boudoir and if you don’t see them answered here - please don't hesitate to reach out to me personally.

Q: Do you provide the outfits?
No, I do not provide the outfits. Each person is unique in their decisions like the clothes they wear and the style of lingerie they like. I also think that shopping for your shoots is part of all the fun!

Q: How many images do you get?
That would matter on how much time we spend together. For a typical 1 hour session you receive no less than 25 fully edited.

Q: Do you edit the photos?
YES! I brighten teeth, smoothen skin and stretch marks, and make your eyes pop. Further editing can be requested but is not recommended because I really try to make the real you pop. 

Q: Who will be on set? 
Typically its just you and me. However I always encourage bringing friends or family! Someone to help make you feel comfortable. If you would like this person may be at the set as well. In some specific circumstances I may have an assistant but I will inform you before hand and get your approval first! 

Q: Who will see my photos? 
A: This answer can very. some of my clients choose to keep their boudoir gallery private meaning only you - the client and I will see the photos. It is your choice in who you share your images with. Some instances my clients are generous enough to let me flaunt their galleries online. I understand how intimate your photos are and of course those are private to you, do what you are most comfortable with.

Q: Is it normal to get a boudoir shoot done when your single??
UHM HECK YESSS! These are some of my favorite! I actually am single myself and I choose to have a boudoir shoot yearly. Looking back on how I have grown as an individual is so amazing. Also after leaving my shoot and getting my photos back I feel so sexy which we are all worthy of. Besides those photos never go out of style so later down the road if you did want to share them with a special someone its still the right time. 

Q: What kind of things do women wear during boudoir shoots?
A: I always recommend starting with a comfy set - this can be a loose fitting t shirt and panties, a onesi pajama, a button up t-shirt, there are so many options. From there we get into a matching bra and panty set, baby dolls, whatever lingerie you choose to bring, and of course we always save the best for last! 

Q: Are there different types of boudoir?
Of course. There is your typical boudoir (one on one), there is couples boudoir that showcases how fun, flirty, sexy your relationship really is, there is maturnal boudoir that showcases how beautiful your pregnancy is, there is outdoor boudoir which is just shot outdoors instead of in a boudoir studio/set, Bridal boudoir - something to showcase how sexy you are before your big day. Usually using white sets, details, your veil, florals, also can be shot on your actual wedding day before putting your dress on. Dudoir which is shot with males instead of females. So many options to show off how sexy you are! 

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